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(Review) Guardian by Alex London

Title: Guardian
Author: Alex London
Pages: 352
Published: May 29, 2014
Review Copy: Yes

Why did I want this book?
I loved Proxy and I was dying to get my hands on this one!.
In the new world led by the Rebooters, former Proxy Syd is the figurehead of the Revolution, beloved by some and hated by others. Liam, a seventeen-year-old Rebooter, is Syd’s bodyguard and must protect him with his life. But armed Machinists aren’t the only danger.  People are falling ill—their veins show through their skin, they find it hard to speak, and sores erupt all over their bodies. Guardians, the violent enforcers of the old system, are hit first, and the government does nothing to help. The old elites fall next, and in the face of an indifferent government, Syd decides it’s up to him to find a cure . . . and what he discovers leaves him stunned.

Oh, I love it! I already liked the cover image of Proxy and this one is great too! One look and you know what you'll get: sci-fi.
Analyzing this one, you could even take it one step further. The cover of Proxy shows two boys arranged like two sides of a coin. Now, the cover of "Guardian" shows two boys next to each other. Equal.

The title fits, but it also prepares you for the huge cliché waiting in this book.

Writing style:
The book is written in third person and told from three points of view. Syd, Marie and Liam. It is captivating and I only needed one moment to get back into the story. Guardian almost starts where Proxy ends. It shows, that there Jubilee wasn't really an happy end.
I was hooked on immediately and it was over far too soon!

Syd became a symbol of freedom and a captive at the same time. Everything he wanted was a new start for society.  But now, he has to see, that other people abuse him to gain power. Syd is powerless and endangered all the time because not everyone is happy about the new system. He also misses Knox and seems to be a bit depressive. I can't blame him for that, it even makes him feel more real. Later, there's going to be a strange illness that starts killing people and Syd realizes, that he has to act before it's too late.
Marie tries to deal with her new situation and works for the military. She believes in doing the right thing until the new government lets down her family. Marie starts to see, that the new system is everything but perfect. She asks Syd vor help and they try to fix things together.
We also get a new character: Liam. Well, he can't replace Knox, but he's interesting and Syd's bodyguard. Here is the only problem I had with the book. It's such a cliché! A victim-bodyguard-relationship. Really? Okay, guess he's the only guy who was able to get close to Syd ...

Compared to Proxy, Guardian is definitely differed. It shows, that a new start isn't always perfect. And sometimes a good deed can curse a lot of problems.

Stuck in my Head:
„Syd kept flipping pages, looking at diagrams – could those be instructions for the machine? Syd understood mechanical things, far better than he understood people. Machines could be programmed, rewired, redesigned. Fixed. People where another matter entirely.“ (p. 175)
What I didn't like:
Nothing to complain. Well, except for the whole Syd-Liam-bodyguard-chliché.

Quick and dirty:
I was blown away by this book! Proxy was great and Guardian can easily compete with it.
Liam couldn't replace Knox in my eyes but he was an enrichment. It was impossible to put down this book and now I am sitting here with mixed feelings. I don't want it to be over! I want another sequel! Right now!!

Thank you to ...
... Alex and his agencythey gave me this review copy in exchange of a honest review!

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