Thursday, October 16, 2014

(Chit-Chat) Frankfurt International Bookfair

Yay! I have been at the International Bookfair in Frankfurt! Well, it was easy for me to get there, since I live close to Frankfurt. But still, it was great because once a year I get to meet a couple of bloggers and publishers. A lot of funny, bizarre and exceeding things happened to me during these four great days!
The first day was almost stress-free. Of course I said hello to some people. But in the end I endet up with my friend Karin pretty fast. We met each other because of our blogs and since two years, we spend every book fair together. So, this one was no exception. We walked through hall 3 where all the popular publishers were and got some bookmarks and ARCs.
Later, we checked out hall 8, were all the UK and US publishers are located. I wanted to meet my press contact from Penguin Randomhouse UK but unfortunately, she was in a meeting. Therefore Karin and I got lunch somewhere at the fair.
But I wouldn't be me, if I would give up so easely. I came back lol. And I really got to meet her for three minutes between two meetings. Three minutes isn't much, but it is better than nothing and obviously enough time to make a fool of myself. They offered me a Coke, which I spilled over the next agent. I was so embarrassed!
I am pretty sure they will have a sign in the kitchen next year saying: For safety reasons, don't give Sonja anything to drink !

The next day, Karin and I went to Randomhouse Germany where we had our first Blogger-Meeting. Approximately 200 Bloggers attended and it was crowded like hell! But I've got an autograph from Marc Elsberg. He wrote Blackout and Zero. Two thrillers, which are very famous in Germany. He is great! It is him on the picture on the left site.
After a while we had enough and went on, back to hall 8. We talked to some UK and US publishers and asked them if we could take some review copies with us on Sunday. Most of them said yes and Macmillan gave us two ARCs and a business card! Thanks again!!
During lunchtime I've met some friends and went to a reading by Bastian Bielendorfer. He is German author and writes comedy.
BTW, this was the craziest signing I've ever experienced.
After he signed my book, I asked Bastian for an additional autograph but he didn't has a card. Well, but he had an idea. He took my book and did something really really bold.

He took my book and teared a page out of it!
I was so shocked that I didn't know if I should laugh or cry!!
Karin died laughing.
By know, I also think it was funny and it had his good side: Everybody remembered me as the blogger which book got teared apart by Bastian Bielendorfer.

After I recovered from this experience I had to hurry up to make it in time to Penguin Random House UK.
Today, I spent an hour there instead of three minutes. And I managed to drink my Coke without any accidents! (I was surprised that I got something to drink at all *smile*)
We talked a little bit about blogging and I invited her to the Lovelybooks Meet&Greet the next day (Lovelybooks is like Goodreads).
She made my day by giving me a review copy of Marie Lu's new book The Young Elites.


Saturday was the longest day ever! We had a 5 publisher/blogger/author-meetings and a lot of fun.
Finally I met Anja, she is the owner of the German blog Der Bücherblog. Her blog is very big (even if she denies it)
We spent the rest of the day together and even had a Meet&Greet with the UK author Alexia Casale. We had the opportunity to ask her a lot of questions and even got a signed book, so thank you!
At the end of the day, we had our Lovelybooks-Meeting which was enormous.
400 bloggers announced to come (I guess 200-300 were there) and I had trouble to find my people. But I managed and of course we had to take a picture!
We even got a goodie-bag with five books and other gifts. So, thanks to the publishers who sponsored this.
Talking about publishers, Penguin Randomhouse UK was there too to get to know some German bloggers. Really cool! I spend the rest of the day with my PRHUK press contact because she was leaving tonight.


Today was the day! Anja and I went back to hall 8 to grab some ARCs and review copies.
It was really great, I think I got 20 books! And a couple of business cards.
(To be honest I was more interested in getting some contact persons than books).
So, I am going to review a lot of them asap becomes I am going take this opportunity to get in touch with more international publishers.
Last but not least we hat another Meet&Greet at Bastei Lübbe to meet the author Richard Dübell. He writes history-crime-books and was a really nice guy.
We got a signed book and had a lot of fun.
In the end, we even met Ralf Schmitz. he is a very famous German comedian. Of course we bugged him in taking a picture with us!


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